Friday, November 12, 2010

Different types of digital storage media

There is often the need to store the documents for a long period of time. For the better protection of the data, documents and records management, these are required to be stored in different types of media and on different types of devices. By using the different data storage options, the risk of the loss of the data or records due to any incident, fault or mis-happening is reduced considerably. The paper based documents are converted into a number of other magnetic and digital storage formats so as to spread the risk of the loss of the documents and, at the same time, keeping these safe for a long time to come.

Digital Storage

The digital media storage can be of different types. These can be used to store the data in the form of images, text, videos and audio files. It could be the memory cards or the hard drives. Memory cards are small in size. Due to their size, there are limitations of their labelling and storage. Similarly the hard drives can face the problems of malware, file corruption, virus and even accidental deletion.

CDs and DVDs are another form of digital media storage. These are the most widely used forms of the storage. The latter has the larger capacity than the former. The one major shortcoming with this mode of storage is that these can be physically damaged. The documents or records can also be microfilmed for storage purposes. The documents or records can also be microfilmed for storage purposes. For creating the microfilms, the documents are first read through the special machine which then stores the data in the format of a 16mm or 35mm film, depending on the size of the paper to be filmed.

It is important to remember that the documents or the paper works are first scanned to be converted to the digital format and then these are stored in the digital media storage. The digital scanning for the normal papers can be done right there at the site using the common scanners. But, bigger documents are scanned by the professional digital scanning service providers who make use of commercial scanners for this purpose. After scanning, these are stored in a safe document storage facility.

Digital Scanning

To do away with the limitations of physical digital storage devices like the memory cards, CDs and DVDs, the use is also made of the virtual digital storage media. This refers to the storage of the data on the internet or spread across the remote servers or even making use of the cloud hosting environments,

The companies providing the document management services determine the best possible storage medium for your documents. These provide the services of document conversion, document storage, document retrieval and even the facility for document archive. You might require their services due to the paucity of the space for keeping the old records or for better safe keep of important records in a more professional way. Normally, those records are stored which are important and can be used again, but not very often.


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